Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Life...

So, I am filling out job applications this week. Finally decided to move in with my sister and her husband 3 hours South of my current location. I'm excited, but mostly nervous as all get out. Not sure if I'll come up with enough money to buy a car, move, AND go to school. Maybe that's for the best right now. Could really use some prayers for all of this craziness.

Despite all my nerves about moving deeper into adulthood, I am pretty excited about possibly moving even FARTHER away next fall. Where? I'm not too sure about that minor detail, but I do know it will be out of the country. My best friend and I are praying about taking off for a year and working in an orphanage. We have a few lined up, but so far only one has contacted me back. It's in India : www.lordjesusministry.org .

I'll update more on all of this later. For now, I must work. Boss lady(a.k.a. Mom) is gone on vacation this week. I'm stuck back here to hold up the fort and watch 4 dogs. I feel like a crazy dog lady just sitting around working and talking to dogs all day. Oh no....I'm turning into my mother!! HAHA

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