Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is but a breath

So, today I woke to an alarming text message that had been patiently awaiting to be read on my phone for several hours. It announced that a terrible car crash had happened while I was asleep involving 3 people I knew. One of them passed away.

He was only a year younger than I am and quite possibly one of the sweetest young guys I've ever met. I'm not going to exaggerate our connections. We were by no means close, but he always made me feel welcomed, accepted and listened to what those around him had to say. He was kind and it was very clear he had a genuine love for those around him. I don't know why, but I always feel like I just breathed a breath of fresh air for the first time after being around him. Like I had been living in a dingy basement or something. His character deeply impacted me.

It's so sad to me, even though I am still young, to see young people pass seemingly before their time. It hurts to see a life seemingly lived so short of it's potential. Then it dawned on me. I can't have been the only person who was so genuinely touched by this remarkable person. In the 20 some odd years of his life, I truly believe others must have felt this about him...perhaps even more. So, if this is true, then that doesn't really seem like such a life lived short by any means, but one lived to the fullest in the most mundane or ordinary circumstances.

Somehow this event has challenged me on some pretty deep levels. Life is what you make of it through the ordinary day to day, not saving up all of your energy for some distant, grand "what ifs" or "possibilities". Live life to the fullest, love those around you the way you want to be loved. Take time to enjoy the simple things. Listen to people like you really care-how do you know what that person is feeling or going through...it may just leave an impression that's impossible for the naked eye to see. Live like there's no tomorrow because maybe there won't be.

Life is so fragile, so multifaceted, why waste it worrying and spending your time making excuses. That's just my opinion. Good night.

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